The Advantages Of Persian Rug Cleaning

When a rug is first purchased, it boasts many attractive qualities. For example, a new rug will look good, smell good, and feel good. But these qualities will not last forever, as eventually wear and tear will begin to eat away at the rug, to the point where one day your rug may just be a shell of its former self.
If you want to avoid an expensive Persian rug replacement—and you'd rather fix up a rug that's been serving you well for years—it’s here where you should get in touch with our qualified restoration experts. For years, we've been providing a wide range of rug restoration services, and we serve those who own Persian rugs as well as many others. For a long time, we were preferred specifically for our Persian rug cleaning services, but these days our rug restoration services are popular as well. Bringing your rug back to its former glory will be our top priority, and we make all our restoration services affordable.


Why You Should Get Persian Rug Recoloring

Our rug recoloring experts will come through for you. They've been performing this specific rug restoration work for years. They are meticulous and detailed, so they won't miss a spot when recoloring your rug. Also, you won’t have to worry about rug dye running or the rug’s pattern being messed up. When we’re done with rug recoloring, your rug will be ready for use immediately. We understand that Persian rugs have unique color schemes and designs, and these will never be altered by the rug recoloring process.

Our Rug Reweaving Service Will Help You

If you need rug reweaving, our team can help. This is a rug restoration service that will save you from getting an expensive replacement. This service is often sought by those who own exotic rugs, and rugs that have been damaged by insects can also benefit from getting reweaving. This service is needed once or twice a year, and how frequently this service is required depends on what kind of conditions your Persian rug is exposed to.

Get Reliable Rug Binding From Our Team

We deliver rug binding services to those who own Persian rugs, and after a rug binding, your rug will be sound and visually appealing again. We can bind your Persian rug using either binding tape or a special sewing machine—it’s really up to you. While we'd like to pursue the fastest and most affordable method, we’ll let you decide what to do.

When It’s Necessary To Get Rug Fringing

The fringe of a rug is very important, and when this begins to degrade, it won’t be long before the rest of the rug degrades afterward. We’ll stop the degradation process before it completely ruins your rug, and we’ll fix your rug’s fringe so that your rug is sturdy for many years to come. This is an affordable service that we can deliver in a few days, and it'll save your rug from reaching an untimely end.